Inspector Navigator 1.23 – Alignment update – out now!

1.23 Alignment update – New option to set breadcrumb bar horizontal alignment preference – New Asset Store Inspector filter – Fixed breadcrumbs objects leaking when breadcrumbs were not serialized – Keep assets in breadcrumbs when switching scenes and breadcrumbs are not serialized – Use shared Wasabimole.Core.UpdateNotifications library – Other small bug fixes More info …

Inspector Navigator 1.22 – Disable serialization update – out now!

1.22 Disable serialization update – Serialization of breadcrumbs on scenes can now be disabled – Dialog for clearing project scenes when checking serialization off – Optimized tool startup times when opening up buy Viagra 100mg online a scene – Fixed problem where breadcrumbs disappeared when going into play mode – Unselecting an object no longer […]

Inspector Navigator 1.20 is now on the Asset Store – Strip breadcrumbs update

1.20 Strip breadcrumbs update – InspectorBreadcrumbs no longer included in build on Unity 5 (using new HideFlags.DontSaveInBuild) – New menu option to delete inspector breadcrumbs from all project scenes (so they can be removed before performing a build on Unity 4.X) – InspectorBreadcrumbs are no longer created again right after being deleted (only after a […]

Color Palette Extractor 1.02 – Build project fix is now on the Asset Store

1.02 Build project fix – Moved DLL to Editor folder – Fixed errors when building project – Other small bug fixes 1.01 Open file fix 1.00 First public release Warning: Folder structure has changed! Before updating, please close Color Palette Extractor and delete the old version files in Wasabimole/ColorPaletteExtractor. More info …

[Fix] Mac compile errors on Inspector Navigator 1.18

A small bug was introduced on the Mac version Inspector Navigator 1.18. The line 271 of the /Wasabimole/Inspector Navigator/Editor/InspectorNavigator.cs file read: [MenuItem(“Window/Inspector Navigator/Back ” + KeyBindings.BackMac”)] And the last “ was a typo (read: I’m all thumbs!). To fix this error, simply remove that last “ from the line, like the following: [MenuItem(“Window/Inspector Navigator/Back ” + KeyBindings.BackMac)] The […]

Inspector Navigator 1.18 is now on the Asset Store – Keys & Colors update

1.18 Edit Keys & Colors update – New button to define the hot-keys in the options – Moved hot-key definitions to KeyBindings.cs – Option to set the text color for different object types – Fixed breadcrumbs not being properly removed – Fixed changing InspectorBreadcrumbs visibility – Fixed visual glitches on play mode – Other small […]

[FREE] Procedural Tree C# Script – Learn about procedural geometry generation

Tutorial: How to generate a procedural tree in Unity 3D Asset Store link: Procedural Tree Generation Example Script. This asset package contains a simple, yet powerful,C# script that can generate countless different procedural trees. The C# script is fully commented, and very easy to understand or modify. It’s a single MonoBehaviour class component that […]

Inspector Navigator 1.16 is now on the Asset Store – Remove breadcrumbs update

1.16 Remove breadcrumbs update – Allow removing breadcrumbs by dragging them into the “Remove” box – Option to remove and not track unnamed objects – Fixed issue with lost notification messages – Remove any duplicate inspector breadcrumbs scene objects – Remove inspector breadcrumbs from scene when closing the tool – Allow deleting by hand InspectorBreadcrumbs […]